About Us

Widly fresh. crafty in the small batches.

Indonesia is blessed with many tastes and flavors from over 13,000 islands. We take the best and most unqiue flavors from around Indonesia and make them into ready-to-eat freeze dried sauces. By simply just adding water to our products, you are able to taste the flavors of Indonesia right at your fingertips. 


Our Vision

Spice Islands Indonesia aims to create a better life for ever day people. Our idea is to reach as many around the globe so that they may know the joy we feel tastefully at home, in the kitchen.


Offer Great Products

Quality is key to our production and we make no exception. Taste is never compromised and is in fact, elevated.


Staying Sustainable

We are here to draw the world’s attention to Indonesia as a powerhouse of flavors, thus, keeping farmers busy for spice plants supplies and nurturing their growth.


Our Mission

To stimulate a consistent expansion, diversification and development of Indonesian trade while operating as a first class, socially responsible institution and a center of excellence in Indonesian spices.


Educate and Empower

Empower and help Indonesian farmers taking an active role to protect Indonesia’s rich biodiversity. We will help to educate and train local farmers to plant high quality and organic produce, and we will buy all of the crops to produce our sauces. This way, farmers can make better earnings out of their small farming land.


Create Growth and Recognition

We aim to bring back the glory of the Spice Islands while creating a ripple effect that helps Indonesian farmers grow.

We aim for goodness in all that we do.

Freeze Dried Technology


Retains 97% Of The Nutrients

Through the use of Freeze Dried Technology, we are able to retain most of the original vitamins and minerals therefore making sure you consume produce of the highest quality nutrional value.

Long Lasting Shelf Life

Freeze Dried Technology will help preserve items up to 25 years in ideal storing conditions by taking out 98% moisture content in foods.

High Quality Taste

Freeze-dried methods are exciting as they allow foods to be super lightweight and distributable on a large scale without compromising the original taste and integrity.