Bumbu Rica-Rica
Freeze Dried Sauces

Rica-Rica is a hot and spicy sauce originating from Manado, North Suluwesi. It has a distinctive lemongrass and lime leaf taste while mixed with lots of birds eye chili, shallots, garlic and ginger to provide it with the spicy taste. Rica-rica can mix with all kinds of meats and seafood, this a staple in Indonesian culinary dishes. 

Freeze Dried Technology

All Spice Islands Sauces are processed through freeze-drying process resulting in able to produce the highest quality product for taste, color, nutrional value and able to extend the shelf life of the sauces. All famous Indonesian sauces are freeze dried to powder form for your convenience to compliment your daily dishes.



Process with best quality raw material and NO Preservative Added

Heightened quality of Flavor, Aroma, Color, Texture and Nutrition.

No refrigeration needed

Good for travelers, Hajj Pilgrims, trackers, hikers, campers Modern housewife, Students and Catering

Easy and simple to use

No quarantine required in the destination country.

Easy for all types of dishes that's matches the taste of individual

Everyone can be a Chef !


Freeze Dried Technology helps to preserve our sauces, herbs and spices and fruits with the best nutrional value, while retaining the original color and providing the best taste.